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Stars – Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea
Year – 2005
Popcorntime V for Vendetta Watch Free MV5BYzllMjJkODAtYjMwMi00YmNhLWFhYzAtZjZjODg5YzEwOGUwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjU0OTQ0OTY@._V1_UY190_CR0,0,128,190_AL_
Lilly Wachowski

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Normally after viewing a movie i have plenty to I could say after watching this film was; WOW! This movie definitely makes a statement that needs to be heard by anyone living in a « free » society. Some things I could have lived without, such as the idea that religion causes unfettered zealotry and the idea that homosexuals are completely persecuted in this day and age. But I can’t say that those arguments don’t have some merit. I don’t think that this movie was a swipe at the Bush administration, so much as a warning against a large, intrusive government. This film put a lot of things into perspective as far as the way the government treats its citizenry. I think the best moment in the movie is when V states that « People should not fear their government. The government should fear its citizens. » This is probably going to be the best movie that no one sees this ratch is going to best movie of the year, period. And I’m going out right now to purchase an assault rifle, and then the bastards can come for me.

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It should be called V for Vomit. I do not know what people see good in this movie. I am totally disappointed with it. This is the typical pretentious movie which fails with its acting and pseudo-wisdom. The typical movie you don’t like and people tell you « You didn’t get it » while that people just pretend to have found something profound.
I admit the movie idea and plot were great but I really do not like the way it was executed. The main characters are portrayed very badly. One of them is this wooden woman called Natalie Portman who used to be great when she was a teen. The other is a stupid clown cracking stupid jokes. Do people know a mask cannot act?
Also the movie has a VERY slow pace and boring speech. I think this movie would have been more interesting with more action/suspense and without those stupid and UNNECESSARY lesbian scenes that were revolting for me, just as example.
From the Wachoski brothers I was expecting something more interesting but I bet they are that kind of people who make one thing in their lives and bye bye, I mean, The Matrix, because its sequels were awful too.

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Popcorntime V for Vendetta Watch Free

Stars – Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea USA Year – 2005 Lilly Wachowski Sci-Fi ✻ ♣♢≈✶✭≋✷✧✰⇩⦂✹✱∞ ✻ ...

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